I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.

Specializing in Grass Seed, Orchards, Cattle and consolidations

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Those are the best yardstick to measure success. 

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Our Ag experience is a product of living the rural life for many decades and hands on personal experience in  Ag land ownership. 

We're here to lend a hand. 

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Lee and Mel are the guy's you want when it's time to grow. We have access to contacts in the business who are ready to colaborate and assist in all areas of your business. Give us a call if you've got a need or a question. 

Glad to help! 

Market Watch

A tool to understand the activities and movements in your area. 


Home Valuation

Home and property valuations are tricky. But here is a quick snapshot from three different sources to check the temprature. 



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